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Year: 2018

Director: Yann Thomas

Cast: Burt Young, John Savage, Blanca Blanco, Bret Roberts

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Sometimes destiny mocks those people who never expect it... And the main character of our story, a rich, eccentric, mean and bizarre man, will be subjected to one of destiny's pranks that will change his life forever! David Mc Doll, a Scottish man from Glasgow, moved to Costa Azzurra years ago, and now he leads a well-off, very methodical existence, in his gorgeous villa with his faithful butler Jean Pierre. Days go by inexorably, one like the other; breakfast served in the garden during summer, in the dining room in winter, footing at 9 a.m. followed by Jean Pierre on his bike. At 11 a.m. the usual visit to his beloved bottles of precious wine in the canteen of the villa. He entertains himself for long with them, checking the conservation state, establishing an almost human relationship. At 1-15p.m. light lunch with tomato pasta, or alternatively with English style-rice... All washed down with a cheap wine in a paper cartoon and to end the lunch, half an apple... the other half waits till dinner. At 14 o'clock, cigar and a glass of Scottish whisky; as a music background, the butler Jean Pierre plays the piano and sometimes when asked, also sings. At 3p.m., afternoon nap till 5:30pm... compulsory! Then, visit to his beloved collection of "super cars" in the garage, that he greets one by one, and cleans them with a duster to clean them if needed. Follows a tennis match at the Tennis Club, and he comes back at 8pm. o'clock, he sits on his leather armchair, in front of the TV to watch the News. At 8:30pm. Dinner with grilled chicken or a slice of ham and half mozzarella... the other half is for the following dinner. Then at 9p.m., if there's a great movie on the TV, he watches it, otherwise he reads a book and at around 11p.m. he goes to bed, after Jean Pierre has prepared him the usual relaxing cup of tee. ...however, every Saturday evening, at 6pm., a friend of his, who works in the "high fashion world", organizes in his garden near the swimming pool, a fashion show with runway and the typical dancing final. Every now and then, he spends his days on his luxurious boat, always in company of his models. One morning, as his having breakfast, Jean Pierre arrives with a cordless in his hands...

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