Year: 2024

Director: Alfio D'Agata

Cast: Ciara Hanna, Thomas Gipson, Blanca Blanco

Motor racing plays a fundamental role in the film, the narrative events unfold between one grand prix and another in important circuits such as Los Angeles, Monaco, London, Rome, Monza, Rio de Janeiro. The protagonists are Phil Bradley, a world-renowned American racing driver, an aristocrat of Italian origins, he is a champion, the number one in his category. PHIL is a character who does not escape the news, a fascinating man, a true gentleman who stands out for his kindness and availability, with these characteristics he conquers the public. Outside of his sporting events, there are two women in his life. The TV journalist Nancy Thompson is her childhood friend, Phil and Nancy have always been very close also for the same passion for motoring, she participates in all the races where PHIL is present as an external correspondent of a television group. Their union is so strong that they share everything. The second woman who will become his great love is Jenny Parton. She is a television journalist and curator of the most important international program on motors, she too is passionate about motoring and a friend of Nancy. Jenny is a cultured, attractive woman, with a very elegant style in dressing, she makes everyone fall in love with her. She is always in contact with the male world because of her job, she leads a very hectic life but inside she has the desire to meet the man she can fall in love with. The last race of the championship, where the world champion will be decided, will remain in the history of his life as the most important day, because it is illuminated by the spark of love.

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