Year: 2016

Director: Cristian Scardigno

Cast: John Savage, Blanca Blanco, Bret Roberts

Becoming a "Star" is often the dream of many kids and young guys, or the fulfillment of the parent's "missed dreams" and so here we are, in a very special School called "Teen star academy". We are in a happy city on the southern coast of France... life goes by peacefully, but hectically too. Lots of kids and young guys go to the "Teen Star Academy" from which they come out as well-formed artists and future Stars in Music, Dancing, Singing and Fashion. The Academy founded and managed by Mr. Burt (John Savage), can rely on extremely expert teachers; the famous D.J. Dr. Feel X, the dancing teacher Julia, the beautiful singer-teacher Brenda (Youma Diakiite), and Fashion lessons are hold by Patty (Adriana Volpe) After the audition at the beginning of the year, for the selection of the students of the Academy, it is decided to create two distinctive factions that will oppose each other; the "Red" and the "Green", both composed of D.J.s, Rappers, Dancers, Models, Singers and Groups. The Academy will only have extremely selected students. Funny and sometimes grotesque episodes take place, planned by young students of both sections, in order to boycott the others. Meanwhile, a huge Show/Event is being prepared in the Academy, with the help of the best pupils and international artists. Different stories of friendship and emotions intersect even outside of the school, especially at the "beach", run by the hilarious Nathan (Bret Roberts) and with the help of the Jonathan. Here, they've dedicated a place to free artistic exhibitions. This place however, is frequented also by a group of "Bullies" (bullet dancing) which become soon antagonists (artistically) of the academic pupils. Entertaining and hilarious are the brief appearances of the dog Alex, which comes often to the "beach" messing everything up... but Alex has no family, and runs away every time. Dr. Feel X and the other teachers, become 'reference figures' to the young guy's life, even outside of the academy, so they often ask teachers for advice, or simple suggestions or points of view. But Dr. Feel X, will soon be "a victim of destiny", which will bring in his life an unexpected, but pleasant surprise. Some girls, one hour before the show, kidnap the two members of the opponent band one hour before the Show, and close them up in the theater's closet, but show must go on, and while the girls are foretasting victory and success, from behind the scenes, one of the two kidnapped dancer's dog, attract the attention of a janitor, which frees the guys that immediately reach the stage, right before the curtain raises. ...and that year, the winner is the band of the "Red", and as a reward they'll realize a CD of their show with tracks. Dr. Feel X and his colleagues, with bitterness, say goodbye to the "Teen Star Academy" students, but outside of the Academy's doors, there's already a long row of young boys and girls, for next selections.

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