Sir Billi
Sir Billi, a skateboarding veterinarian, goeas above and beyond the call of duty to save an illegal fugitive - Bessie Boo the beaver! This heart-warming story is packed with enough stunts, skydiving and car chases to keep the whole family at the edge of their seats. Everyone wants a granpa like Sir Billi, Guardian of the Highlands!
Director: Sascha Hartmann
Cast: Sean Connery, Alan Cumming
Genre: Animation
Year: 2012
JayJay The Jet Plane
This award-winning series airing on PBS, Jay Jay centers around the adventures of the six-year-old jet plane and his friends as they discover the world around them. Easily localized on a territory by territory basis (replacing green-screened actors), Jay Jay uses a state of the art combination of real-time performance animation combined with live action and miniature sets. Our retail and direct-response video campaign has...
Format: Series 90 x 11'
Genre: Animation
Year: 2005
The FARMkids are a bunch of fast-lane pampered city animals who live a star studded life in a popular nursery petting zoo. Their lives take a funny and unexpected turn when they suddenly get relocated. To top it off, their new home is nothing like one would expect from a simple old farm. Dude Ranch, the FARMkids new home, is a place where the old, modern and twilight zone elements meet to make this a way out of the ordinary environment. This is not the average city slickers in Old...
Format: Series 26 x 12'
Genre: Animation
Year: 2008
Sports Shorts
Comedy vignettes on various sports - how to play them or rather, how NOT to play them! This unorthodox (meaning wrong) approach to sports is ably demonstrated by the lead character and ball expert, Dada, as he instructs viewers on every which way but the correct one to play a sport like stuffing the football in his shorts, plugging gum into the referee's whistle...
Genre: Animation
Year: 2009
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