Daddy Don't Marry Again
It's a story about a separated dad, four daughters and a dog. Their lives flow peacefully until the day David passionately falls in love with Victoria. At the beginning he decides to hide the relationship from his daughters and then, one day, wants them to meet her up. At first the girls have a good reaction but then... After the father's announcement of his forthcoming marriage, the daughters decide to accept it strategically by placing some conditions: they will take care of the wedding and honeymoon planning. They will turn these events into a nightmare and with a succession of plot twists, the unexpected ending will come.
2 Hearts & 3 Puppies at Christmas
The story is about a mom (Grace), two daughters (the elder Emma and the younger Sophie), and two dogs, Bobby and Dreak. Since Grace lost her husband John, a wonderful man very careful to her, their daughters and their puppies, she decided to live on her own. She only dedicates herself to her family and work (she is a notary). The only distraction she allows herself is to hang out with her best friends Layla, Elisabeth and Lily. Her friends and daughters try everything to encourage her to rebuild her life, but she states that it will be impossible to find someone able to let her forget her biggest love. But life often holds for us many surprises.
The Fabulous Christmas Holydays
December. The Williams are getting ready for Christmas. The town is filled with tinsel. In the living room, all the family members are there for the annual ceremony of the Christmas tree decoration: dad Steve, mom Sarah, two children, Emily and Stephanie, and then Alex, who’s attached with the collection of the balls, the clerk Adam attached with the carriage of the tinsel boxes, and grandfather Robert. He’s supervising them all from his sofa. But nobody dares ask the ominous question that will be portent of doom, besides the youngest and most naive Emily: "What about uncle Thomas... so this year, isn’t he coming?" All the people in the room shout out a big “Nooo!” as a chorus. That’s when the phone rings...
In Search of the Lost City
In an international school, a Science and Geography professor during his classes often narrates some fantasy tales concerning his studies about a city mysteriously disappeared with all its secrets. He asked to take a journey and visit Kenya, in order to bring some of his students looking for the town hidden in the forest, that they say it's populated only by monkeys. The group gets in a magic world, threatened by dangers. Everyone is unaware of the real secret that the city is hiding... but in the end the discovery will be satisfactory and they will not reveal it to anyone... and the kids will be ready for another mission!
I Feel In Love
Love: a universe that will never be revealed... But, be careful, love doesn't involve only humans, but also the rest of the world around us... And here we are, two families who live in two houses, one in front of the other, but that they haven't spoken for ages. Two families almost symmetrical: one composed of a widowed father, three boys and a Shih tzu dog... And the other of a divorced mother, three girls and a Shih tzu dog... One of the two families has a dog sitter... the other one a cleaning lady! In this scenery of possible connections, the main character is about to come: Love!
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