The Bounce Back
A relationship guru and best-selling author finds himself falling for the licensed therapist who questions his methods.
Director: Youssef Delara
Cast: Nadine Velazquez, Shemar Moore, Kali Hawk
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2016
Outside Bet
A group of friends buy a racehorse to safeguard them in the event that they lose their jobs amidst the turbulence in 1980s Britain.
Director: Sacha Bennet
Cast: Jenny Agutter, Bob Hoskins, Vincent Regan
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2012
Hunting Elephants
In Jerusalem, a bullied teen befriends his grandfather and long lost uncle and soon they decide to solve their financial problems by robbing a bank.
Director: Reshef Levi
Cast: Sasson Gabai, Moni Moshonov, Patrick Stewart
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2013
A Stand Up Guy
A low-level mobster takes a stab at stand-up comedy while in the Witness Protection Program.
Director: Mike Young
Cast: Danny A. Abeckaser, Annie Heise, Nick Cordero
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2016
Afternoon Delight
Rachel is a quick-witted and lovable stay-at-home mom. Frustrated with the realities of preschool auctions, a lackluster sex life and career that's gone kaput, Rachel visits a strip club to spice up her marriage...
Director: Jill Soloway
Cast: Kathryn Hahn, Juno Temple, Josh Radnor, Jane Lynch
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2013
Christian Mingle
Gwyneth Hayden has it all. A top-notch career, killer wardrobe, dream apartment, and great friends - she thinks the only thing missing is a man. In a moment of inspired desperation, she...
Director: Corbin Bernsen
Cast: Lacey Chabert, Jonathan Patrick Moore, Saidah Arrika Ekulona
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2014
Highland Park
A high school faculty lotto pool places its fate in the lucky numbers they've played for ten years after hearing budget cuts have eliminated all their jobs.
Director: Andrew Meieran
Cast: Billy Burke, Danny Glover, Parker Posey
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2014
Freaky Deaky
On Chris Mankowski's first day on the Detroit Police Department's sex crimes unit, not only does he fall in love...
Director: Charles Matthau
Cast: Christian Slater (True Romance, Windtalkers), Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight, Exit Wounds), Crispin Glover (Back to the Future, Alice in Wonderland), Billy Burke, Roger Bart, Andy Dick
Genre: Comedy / Crime / Thriller
Year: 2012
Oliver, Stoned
The world's biggest stoner, Oliver, loses a high profile car, forcing him to steal an ice cream truck and enlist his wacky friends to help track down the thief before it's too late.
Director: Tom Morris
Cast: Brea Grant, Ryan Malgarini, Robert Curtis Brown, Skylan Brooks, Briana Lane, Larry Cedar, Jesse Pruett, Pete Gardner, Alexandra Brewer, Jeff Newburg, Seth Cassel
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2014
The Knot
Soulmates Alexandra and Jeremy are getting married. At least that's the plan. Unfortunately for them, nonchalant best man...
Director: Jesse Lawrence
Cast: Mena Suvari (American Pie, American Beauty), Talulah Riley (The Liability, Inception), Noel Clarke (Star Trek Into Darkness, Centurion)
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Year: 2012
Love Hurts
Newly separated father has to learn how to date again with help from his teenage son who himself dreams of conquering one girl's heart.
Director: Barra Grant
Cast: Richard E. Grant, Carrie-Anne Moss, J. Pacar, Jenna Elfman, J. Garofalo, C. Manheim
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2009
Pretty Persuasion
Manipulative high school sophomore Kimberly Joyce leads her friends Brittany Wells and Randa Azzouni in bringing charges of sexual assault against Percy Anderson, their English and drama teacher at an exclusive private school in Beverly Hills. Meanwhile, local reporter Emily Klein, originally assigned to do an insignificant piece on the school...
Director: Marcos Siega
Cast: James Woods, Evan Rachel Wood, David Wagner, Brent Goldberg, Adi Schnall
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2005
A sheltered meter maid and her disturbed fellow parking enforcer discover that love can bloom even while working in a job that most folks despise in this unflinching look at modern love starring Samantha Morton and Jason Patric. Hypersensitive Claire (Morton) spends her days doling out parking tickets, and her nights caring for her ailing mother (Teri Garr). Jay...
Director: C. Miniucchi
Cast: Samantha Morton, Jason Patric, Teri Garr, Illeana Douglas
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2008
The Jungle
In Paris, Vincent Larchet and Mathias Warkhevytch have been best friends since childhood. They share a rented apartment belonging to Vincent's father, who is an important anesthetist of a hospital in Paris, and with whom Vincent does not have a good relationship. Vincent does not work or study, having left Law School after being dumped by his...
Director: M. Delaporte
Cast: Patrick Mille, G. Gallienne, Olivia Magnani, Sophie Cattani, Guy Bedos
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2006
Growing Op
Growing op is a provocative dramatic comedy about a teenage boy coming of age in a suburban marijuana-growing operation... He rebels against his pot-growing neo-hippie parents by attending high school, but he discovers that "normality" is even more screwed up than his homelife.
Director: Michael Melski
Cast: Steven Yaffee, Rachel Blanchard, Wallace Langham, R. Arquette
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2008
Pardonnez Moi
Violet is expecting her first child and decides to give him a film about his family. Taking her camera with her, she confronts family members and friends, elliciting confessions and all kinds of emotions.
Director: M. Le Besco
Cast: Maïwenn Le Besco, Pascal Greggory, Hélène de Fougerolles, A. Recoing
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2006
Tell Me I'm Pretty
Fanny, a single woman in her mid-thirties, has had enough of relationships that don't work, so she decides to seduce Paul, a colleague from the office, into a brief one-night sexual encounter. Everything is prepared when Paul arrives, but then, thanks to...
Director: B. Jeanjean
Cast: Marina Foïs, Julien Boisselier, Isabelle Nanty, Didier Bénureau, Julie Durand
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2004
Holiday Express
In this comedy starring Ludivine S agnier and Thierry Lhermitte, 5 teenagers decide to go on a Euro Trip and visit 15 cities in 30 days. But with only one credit card, this plan is a little bit ambitious...
Director: Jerome Levy
Cast: V. Balme, Ludivine Sagnier, Marie Gilli-Pierre, T. Blanchard, Roland Giraud, Thierry Lhermitte, Pascal Reneric, Branko Tesanovic
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2000
Les Insaisissables
Where Romain, Philippe and Alain are concerned, bailiffs will cause no distress…Routinely plagued by officers of the law intent on seizing their belongings, the three friends have worked out a defense strategy to fend off such unwelcome - and often unlawful - visits. In fact the entire neighborhood has come to rely on their expertise at ridding...
Director: Christian Gion
Cast: Dominique Guillo, Daniel Prévost, Sébastien Thiery, Laurent Natrella
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2000
Anything You Say
Young Bastien is very pleased when his hugely successful TV producer boss Jean-Louis Broustal begins to recognize him for his talents and then invites him to his country house for the weekend to work on a new show. But gradually it becomes clear that no work is going to be done. In fact, Broustal and his much younger...
Director: Guillaume Canet
Cast: François Berléand, Guillaume Canet, Diane Kruger, Philippe Lefebvre, Daniel Prévost
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2002
Ça Reste Entre Nous
For several years, Patrick has been leading a double life. He divides his time between his devoted wife Hélène, who has given him two sons, and his possessive mistress Elisabeth, the mother of his daughter. No one knows the truth and everything runs smoothly - until the day when Hélène organises a party to celebrate their wedding...
Director: Martin Lamotte
Cast: Catherine Frot, Sam Karmann, Carole Brenner, Fanny Cottençon
Genre: Comedy
Year: 1998
The Classic
The classic is a hilarious story based on a best selling Finnish novel by Kari Hotakainen . The main character is the writer, Kari Hotakainen , himself. Praised by critics but shunned by the book-buying public, he is asked by his publisher to write a self-revealing diary of his early years as a writer. Desperate to find inspiration to write...
Director: Kari Väänänen
Cast: Martti Suosalo, Janne Hyytiäinen, Matti Onnismaa
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2001
Street boy Tony has one dream - to invent a video game that will make him a fortune. His first obstacle is to raise the capital to get his project off the ground. When a robbery goes wrong, he ends up in prison. When he regains his freedom, he is undeterred, and sets about launching his own...
Director: Zak Fishman
Cast: Said Taghmaoui, Camille De Pazzis, Arielle Dombasle, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Alexis Loret
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2001
Very charming, Irène has all she needs to be happy: a good job, great friends and a beautiful flat with a view over Paris. But, every time she meets a guy, it's a disaster: whether it is because he is married or has trouble leaving his wife or he is transferred to Tokyo. Something always goes wrong. Worse...
Director: Ivan Calbérac
Cast: Cécile De France, Bruno Putzulu , Olivier Sitruk, Patrick Chesnais , Agathe De La Boulaye
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2002
Bachelor Man
When Ted meets a mysterious brunette next door named Heather (Missi Pyle), she refuses to fall for anything in Davis' very deep bag of tricks - she's Bachelorette Woman, if you will. She can also be heard having loud sex all night, every night, through the thin wall...
Director: John Putch
Cast: David Deluise (Dr. Doolittle 2), Missi Pyle (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
Genre: Comedy
Year: 2003
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