Mission Possible
A group of kids, a Shih tzu dog, a wood, a vet, a police officer with his team and the typical gang of bad guys will be the main characters of a funny action movie.
Director: Bret Roberts
Cast: John Savage, James Duval, Chris Coppola, Blanca Blanco, Bret Roberts
Genre: Adventure-Action-Family
Year: 2018
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Six Children And One GrandFather
Love is an ultimate and extraordinary feeling, everyone needs it. David McDoll, a rich, eccenric, stingy and bizarre man, has apparently forgotten what love is... but sometimes destiny holds many surprises in store for you... and your life will change forever! One morning his notary friend calls him, telling him he should come to his office to talk about an inheritance he got. The fateful day arrives, Bloom opens a door and six kids get in, throwing themselves on David calling him GRANDFATHER!!!! David is astonished and Bloom explains that those are his grandchildren. From that day on, David's life will undergo a drastic change: a series of comic events will help the protagonist to embrace values and feelings once again. David opens the most important gate of his life and will never close it again.
Director: Yann Thomas
Cast: Burt Young (oscar nominee), John Savage, Blanca Blanco, Bret Roberts
Genre: Family-Comedy
Year: 2018
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Teen Star Academy
Becoming a "star" is the dream of many children. At the Teen Star Academy, some strict auditions are taking place for the new courses: many teenagers will develop their best skills to become artists and future stars in Music, Dance, Singing and Fashion. Several stories of friendship and emotions are intertwined even outside the school at the beach, where a space has been set up for free artistic performances. That place, however, is also attended by a group of bullies that quickly becomes the antagonist of the students of the Academy. In the end, the course terminates with a final year performance in which all the students are involved. The teachers greet the "Teen Star Academy" students of that course ready for the new selections.
Director: Cristian Scardigno
Cast: John Savage, Blanca Blanco, Bret Roberts
Genre: Family-Musical
Year: 2016
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