Welcome to the Shih-Tzu Center
It's a funny story in which a set of ten Shih Tzu dogs are involved. An important city, that used to be a touristic destination, is now in decline: nobody is visiting and tour operators don't promote the place anymore. Two families want to revive the city and decide then to go into business together by acquiring a hotel, to turn it in a dog hotel. This was intended not to be the typical boarding kennels in which you can leave your dogs for a short time period... ...Here dogs are allowed to attend real art, dance, singing and cooking courses. And language classes as well! ...And what about the teachers? The dogs-"teacher" with their owners are the masters. And that's how the word of mouth has spread successfully and the centre gets crowded of dogs and their owners that are willing to learn many art disciplines... The pleasant story will be narrated between hilarious jokes and challenging skills tests. ...And at the end of the year, they will all celebrate the recovery of the city. The mayor will show up, even if he was against the project of the two families.
Alex The Police Dog
In a police central station of a small town, they allowed the captain to enlist three dogs to complete his patrol of the special forces. Actually, all of them are at the end of their career and very clumsy. Despite this situation, the captain with his 4 faithful and 3 dogs will succeed in a mission impossible: the capture of the most dangerous criminals of the nation, which randomly were passing by the city, thanks to the snout... of the dogs. The captain and his patrol, including the dogs, will be rewarded with a medal for Alex, Boby and Dreck, that will be fully entitled as police dogs.
Teen Star Academy 2
The success of the "Teen Star Academy" has been so great, that for this new academic year there are already loads of young guys lined up outside of the school, waiting for doing the selection to enter the school. The past year students instead, are ready to get back in; some of them have had such a great success, that they could actually go on tours, write CDs, or take part in fashion shows of different brand for young kids. Now, all together, they will live a new story under the perfect guide of their qualified teachers; from Mr. Burt (John Savage) to Dr. Feel X, and so on... Romantic stories or grotesque episodes, life-teaching experiences and little adventures won't be missing... everything always surrounded by the beautiful frame of the French Riviera.
GrandFather In Love
Three friends, now grandfathers but still youthful and dynamic, decide to go on vacations together, with the aim of renewing their reputation of playboys... but... when the day of the departure arrives, a great surprise is coming too: their six grandchildren are coming as well! The three pseudo playboys with various excuses try to go out on their own to organize some meetings and small hot parties, but everything goes up in smoke because of the intrusion of the mischievous nephews. The grandfathers don't give up, but another huge surprise is just around the corner... Their three wives! Since that day, holidays become a prison with many attempt to "escape" and a series of stories and gags with a high comic content.
Jonny Zumba
Jonny is a great dad, in all respects. He lives only for the family, everything is going well... but tomorrow's a new leaf. The mother left everyone upset when she decided to leave the house because in love of her dance teacher. Jonny starts developing depression, despite the help of his children who stand on his side and do whatever they can to spur him to get his normal life back. After so much effort and with a series of tricks, the kids with Fred, their dad's dearest friend, make him join a dance school, where everything will happen. Time is passing by, happiness comes back home, also thanks to a very important meeting of Jonny. And their mother... Instinct does not do the math with the heart, that has its reasons, which reason knows not of. Awareness of being mistaken may not be enough to recover what is lost.
I Am Here
Sometimes future holds many surprises in store for you, that it seems like your world is falling apart... And that's what happened to our family... Then the same destiny makes something paranormal happen... and your life changes once again.
Gran Prix of Family
A great antagonism on all sides, is often the reason of deep conflicts between two historical family of the French Riviera. They support two different Soccer teams, they vote for two different parties, they love different music genres and so on... the two heads of the family have always been on a challenge for the same woman, during car racing or tennis matches, and now to preserve the tradition, have founded two different car racing teams for young guys, and among their "pupils", more or less promising, there are also their little grandchildren, boys and girls. ...and so every year, at the same time of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, they arrange a great car racing contest... but this year, surprisingly, there's even a Russian team that decides to take part in their "little" Grand Prix... Various boycotting episodes, intrigues and love stories interlace in the story, both before and after the great challenge. ...which will be the team winning this year, that will bring the coveted trophy of the "FAMILY GRAND PRIX" to the team?
Family Holidays
After a long criminal career, filled with accidental wrong-actions, the Boss Sal Moschino with his three trusted men, realizes it's time to gather back his own family, because due to his fugitive existence, he never managed to meet them. After a series of casual and funny episodes, he tricks his two children Dayana and David with an excuse, into a holiday on his yacht, and here they will make the fur fly... And in the end, they will all understand the real reason why they were 'tricked' and brought there...
The Lift Of Life
...if you think about it, life is pretty much like an elevator; we get in, we get out... we can chose the floor number, and sometimes when it goes mad, it decides for us...
...but what if one day, you found yourselves in an elevator and pushing the button of the desired floor, the elevator would keep on going up and up, until the last floor... And beyond... Reaching a floor that doesn't exist???!!!<
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