Under The Mountain
When teenage twins Rachel and Theo investigate the creepy old house next door, they discover the Wilberforces - shape-shifting creatures that lurk beneath Auckland's ring of extinct volcanoes. Guided by the mysterious Mr Jones and with the help of their older cousin Ricky, the twins must rekindle the unique powers they...
Director: Jonathan King
Cast: Sam Neill, Tom Cameron, Matthew Chamberlain, Oliver Driver
Genre: Fantasy
Year: 2008
Are government surveillance cameras intended to keep us safe actually killing people? Is it a plot by the government to suppress the opposition, or have our terrorist enemies secretly gained control of our security system and are now using it against us? Following another major terrorist attack the US instigates an...
Director: Richard Clabaugh
Cast: Danny Trejo, Adrian Paul, Megan Blake and Luke Eberl
Genre: Fantasy
Year: 2009
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